The Black Community Impact Alliance (BCIA) is a group of cooperating organizations serving the Black Community in Western Washington. We make sure that taxpayer-funded initiatives and organizations that receive government money to work in the Black community are actually doing work to better the lives of Black children and families, particularly those with low income and the working poor.

Our scope includes all elements impacting the well-being of the Black Community, such as: heath, education, jobs, housing, technology, safety, art, criminal justice, economic development, and the environment.

We strive to assist the Black Community in creating and owning their future by educating themselves on how to access and manage resources in health, education, workforce, business creation and housing.

The BCIA’s Planning & Strategy Advisory Committee presently includes representatives from: Village Spirit Center, Central Area Development Assocation, Gardner Global, olio design strategies, Hack the CD, Black Out WA, Africatown Central District Preservation and Development Coalition, Umoja PEACE Center, and First Place Schools, Inc.