“Our Vision- Being genuine and authentic in the spirit of the village, we will work for the collective wellbeing of the Black community across western Washington in helping to elevate the social and economic realities of Black/African American families.”

There are a select number of entities that are truly working toward equity for the Black community. Oftentimes, to the detriment of our success, those that claim to aid us do so in a mad dash for resources or from a place of ill intention. We see a divergence from that theme of faux-advocacy with the Village Spirit Center.

Housed underneath Catholic Community Services, the VSC sprouted from an initiative charged with aiding communities of concern individually, including the African American community. It has been elevating the well-being of the Black community since its origin, under the leadership of Evelyn Allen. The work done at VSC has cultivated opportunities for the Black community in areas such as affordable housing, transformative services, and asset acquisition. They currently operate three residential properties with several more in their pipeline, offer on-site assistance for residents, and have opportunities for residents to learn about ownership and wealth building options.

The Village Spirit Center’s consideration of cultural norms and celebration of the Black community’s contribution are, no doubt, a product of its Black leadership. The genuine and authentic village-centered approach of VSC shows that we go farthest when we go together. To stay updated on what’s next for VSC, visit their website.