Stationed in Bellevue, Global Investor Solutions is a real estate and investment company with a model worth calling attention to. They are a social enterprise, or a team of entrepreneurs using the techniques and practices of the private business sector to solve a social/cultural issue, that is focused on preserving community and neighborhood. Holding core values of transcendence, benevolence, authenticity, & personal development the company strongly mirrors the values of founder, Kenny Pleasant.

Pleasant, like a number of our youth today, was labeled “at risk” as a child. He attributes his turn around to mentorship, self-development, and God’s grace, and has made efforts to give back through his business and philanthropic efforts.

GIS offers clients multiple solutions when buying/selling, a tailored customer service experience, and sustainable developments for the community. They have set a shining example of how we can build our community as we build ourselves.

To stay updated on their work or find out more information, visit their website.